• Don’t judge, Love

        Like most of us I thought the world had gone crazy on November 8th 2016. I know it wasn’t perfect before November the 8th but I was loving the way the world was moving towards more equality and more loving and just more conscious. So when I woke up on that fateful morning […]

  • I’m puppy (toilet) training ….. Me !!

    The other day I was feeling a little off focus, disconnected and I knew I needed to charge my spiritual battery. With this acknowledgement where do I go? What do I do? One of the quickest, easiest ways I have found just to start making myself feel better is Pam Grout’s blog. Easily and effortlessly […]

  • I’m the happiest penguin ever

    Normally when I go to London I quite happily accept that the London way is bustle, bustle, push and push, especially on Tubes. I was there this week and I have to admit it was slightly disconcerting at 08:30 in the morning after just arriving as you are getting off a tube and heading towards an […]

  • Just because

    Just because the news is doing what it does best. Focusing on negativity. I saw this on social media and it made me feel good. We can’t heal hate with more hate. We cannot eradicate fear by focusing on fear. What we think about we bring about so lets bring about love and positivity and […]

  • Cream on my Soul

    Cream on my Soul

    The other day I “accidentally” found the gift from God that is Elizabeth Gilbert. I am having a girl crush with her. She says so much that makes sense and says it in a way that feels like I am literally having cream poured over my soul. I could listen to her all day and […]

  • All We Need is Love

    I haven’t been able to blog for a while or feel inspired too in truth but the main preoccupation of my thoughts are not the atrocities of Charlie Hebdo magazine but how people have reacted to it. Yesterday I saw an article with tips about the Law of Attraction. To be honest it was nothing […]

  • Big Cry Baby !!

        Today has not been a comfortable day to go through and I have been doing my darndest to stay positive or look for the gifts wrapped in Sandpaper (as Lisa Nichols) would call them. I work with a couple of people who are not pleasant (down right devious, there I’ve said it amongst […]

  • Money Blogging ???

    Hmmmmmm might be a mistake but following Inspired Action !!! Since starting my blog I have received contact from people and organisations sayings I can make money from my blog. Is there anyone out there actually making money from their blog or can anyone recommend a way to or a reputable organisation ?? Please excuse my naivety. I […]

  • Manafactured Happiness

    In the practice of “Growing a Greater me” (See Greg Kuhn books) and from advise from many, many, many books I have read, when I wake before I even open my eyes or even contemplate getting out of bed I say things (in my head) like ‘Today is going to be the best day of […]