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  • Light Bulb Moment

    When I started this blog, I felt compelled to (burning desire that wouldn’t go away) for a start, I wanted to share my observations of The Law of Attraction in action in my life and called the category “Just Me Rambling” And I suppose in an arrogant type of way I wanted to try and […]

  • Questions Questions Questions

      When I read Sir Richards Bransons book “Screw it Lets Do it” I quickly saw that he and people like him, Bill Gates for example didn’t have all the answers when they embarked on something but that didn’t stop them. They new they could get the answers and learn a long the way.   […]

  • We are ALL Miracle Magnets

      Yesterday I wrote about flipping it, switching it. After hearing Jim Rohn say UNTIL after I nearly gave up on a dream  I decided to do something constructive and I switched it and flipped it and started to refocus on what I want, not want I don’t want. After finishing reading “The Richest Man in […]

  • How long ?? “UNTIL”

    Below is the YouTube video I mentioned in the previous blog post that had my new favourite word in it “UNTIL” plus a few added gems.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMLsuBCTrSg

  • Flip it, Switch it. Lets go round again.

      If you have followed my blog for a while you may know that I adopted a little habit from Ali Brown and brought it in to the 21st Century. I think it was Jim Rohn (and probably others) that said we become the 5% of people around us so Ali B feeling that she […]

  • Blog Post Challenge

    The other day I was thinking of how my blog posts were becoming more and more infrequent and my dream life seems to be slipping away. Well I think slipping away is the wrong phrase but the vision is a little foggy instead of crystal clear and then I spot something on Facebook that s […]

  • Thank you Toilet

    Thank you Toilet

    Happiness is not an outside thing, it’s an inside thing. Happiness is a choice we make regardless of our circumstances. Whilst I sat in our car as my partner got fuel I looked up at the variety of beautiful trees opposite and their fantastic equally varied foliage flowing in the wind and I felt very […]

  • Just Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!

      Just Brilliant. I love how this man took a situation that most people would have kicked off about and turned it into a positive. Just goes to prove we truly can choose our thoughts and create positives in seemingly negative situations. As Jim Rohn says we just need to change our philosophy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ou9tD458qAA