Tag: Albert Einstein

  • The Matrix

    My partner mentioned he watched the Matrix again the other evening while I was out and forgot how good it was. The Matrix for me is full of subliminal messages about the reality¬†of our Universe. Today I decided to watch it again myself as instinct was telling my to. When Morpheus¬†tells Neo that most people […]

  • The Biology Belief

    This is the video I chose to listen to as my morning motivational material. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjj0xVM4x1I Just prior to listening I overheard on the TV a Pop Singer in the UK has chosen to call her Tour “Entanglement” as she is interested in Physics and is considering studying it and she likes to keep her mind […]

  • Like attracts Like – Part 2

    I remember a long time ago when I was learning about affirmations reading somewhere that the Universe doesn’t acknowledge the words ‘NOT’ & ‘DON’T’ so “I don’t want to be late!” reads “I want to be late!”. Wednesday was going to be a busy day. Straight from work a quick change, drive 40 miles to shopping Mall, something to eat, […]