Stop it !! Stop it right now !!

Stop it !! Stop it right now !! Stop expecting perfection !!

Why, why, why do people expect perfection on the first attempt?

So I am not great with reality TV and on screen drama and bitchiness but I saw this program recommended and as it was about luxury property and I love architecture and magnificent property design I decided to check it out

Side note as a child I had a dream to be an architect

I was interested in the business model and guessing by the quick success of the business in it’s short life time I was intrigued thinking there must be a “Blue Ocean” approach going on here

Another side note I am obsessed with business and the “Blue Ocean”

If you are not aware there is a book called “The Blue Ocean strategy” that in a basic explanation is taking an over saturated market and standing out alone because you have a different edge

In the book it describes an ocean where there is a feeding frenzy of sharks making the ocean go red with blood

A metaphor for lots of businesses all trying to get the same clients in the same area

But a business that stands alone in the same industry is out on it’s own in clear water and clients come to them because of their unique edge where the water in still blue

I also felt there maybe a conscious or subconscious intuitive edge going on with the founder who created this Unique successful Real Estate business and I was interested to know

In Ho’Oponopono when we go to Zero. Back to the place where we are free from the negative energies or “Data” we have picked up over the years we are free for Inspired Action to come through and it’s the place where miracles can occur

Also in the #funnelhacker world. Researching someone and there success is called Funnel Hacking and that is what I was doing but ……

In the first couple episodes I was watching this young new Agent starting out. Probably full of nervous anxiety that clouds the thinking potential because we are in fight or flight mode and all the blood runs to our legs and away from our brains, making mistakes and then listening to the woman judging her and sitting in sanctimonious disapproval

Ahh Hello ladies so were you perfect first the first in your career?

Did you walk perfectly on the first attempt?

Did you drive a car perfectly on the first time behind a wheel ?

Ahh Hell no I bet you didn’t !!

So for God sake give the girl a break !!

This scenario has come up quite often recently in the last couple days where I have seen people learning a new skill and the Trainer expecting perfect results first time thus adding unnecessary pressure to the learning process and piling on more fight or flight anxiety and blocking the thinking process

I have also seen someone referring to my frame of reference when Training someone recently

You see I used to be a Company Trainer and I do still train people with my Online Courses. Digital Products  and 121

I see now looking back how all the Dots joined together to get me to that place and get me to place I now currently sit in the Training capacity

A place I never saw myself being because I was soooo nervous when placed in a Training capacity but the Universe forced me into a scenario I had no escape from and I am so glad it did

I am also currently reassessing my own current Training as a Advanced Life Coach because it has been a while since going through that process and I am feeling ready to start the NLP course I signed up on and signing up for the Advanced Ho’Oponopono Practitioner course.

I am already a qualified Ho’Oponopono Practitioner but feel ready to Level Up

I am always Transforming and learning and improving my skills but I understand my learning process and that it is incremental and a gradual process as I build new muscle memory

I am looking to a Master a certain business skill that is my own Blue Ocean but I know it won’t happen over night

So what is my point ?

Be kind to yourself ?

Really you maybe thinking, that’s your point?

Yes Really?

As long as we live if we do it right we are always going to be growing and Transforming and learning new skills in some area of our life …

Pause for a minute and think what you are currently going through is there something new you are currently learning?

Have you just started a new job where things feel alien even if you got the job on previous skills but that companies processes are different.

Have you recently become a parent, learning a new hobby or exercise routine, learning to drive etc

Now think of things that you already know how to do like driving a car for example if you are not a driver pick another skill like swimming or riding a bike

I would say walking but most of cannot remember that process

We all wobble at first. Stall, sink a little maybe but gradually it becomes easier and eventually natural and that’s become with have literally built new pathways in our brain for that skill that were not there before

These very sanctimonious seemingly joyless individuals need to remember when they were learning their new skills and be more sympathetic

Speaking of joyless. In their obvious expectation for perfection in others first time round and in themselves they came across to be as very judgmental unhappy individuals who were most possibly aging themselves very rapidly from all their frowning that they were probably paying to avoid showing

They appeared to be very proud of their perfectionism but I feel deep down they weren’t very happy as they put themselves under this inscrutable stress of always doing and being the best

No matter how many beauty treatments we invest on the outside the body always knows on the inside what we are thinking and feeling and if not addressed and listened to will manifest itself in something unpleasant in the long run

After I read the book “The Biology of Belief ” by Bruce Lipton I began to understand the silence damage we are doing to our bodies when we are stressed and unhappy etc and that’s why I am passionate about not being so hard on ourselves. Being kind to our body. Cutting ourselves some slack and kicking perfectionism to the curb

Stop it !! Stop it right now !!

Stop trying to be perfect !!

You are already perfect !!

You were born perfect !!

You are still perfect in whatever shape or form You currently stand

In my Club the Law of Attraction Lovers club I recently added a video about what I learned from Abraham Hicks should be our only core beliefs and I have written them down and created a pinned post for myself in my note app that I use to create all my content and if you want to see that video and all the other video’s currently in the library that is growing all the time simply go over to and check it out

I also highly recommend you getting a copy of Bruce’s book in whatever format you prefer. Just simply click on the title here  The Biology of Belief to be able to view purchasing options

And for now have a Fabulous day and most of all ….

Be kind to yourself ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

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