Pink Elephant alert




I have a habit of waking up during the night and realise that I am thinking about subjects to do with my paid employment or it can become the first thing I think about as I start to rouse before I have even opened my eyes in the Am.

When I catch myself doing this I say to myself “Stop it, stop it, stop it !!!” but it doesn’t always work or I get off the subject and subconsciously find myself back on it again screaming to myself in my head ‘STOP IT !!!”

The other night on a particularly unusual sleepless night when I found myself thinking through a must do list in my head another thought popped in to my head that I am sure now Source placed there –  When someone says to you “DON”T think about pink elephants” you instantly picture a pink elephant.

So I thought about pink elephants and when my mind started to wonder back to work subjects I went back to the elephants but to keep my focus on the pink pachyderm’s I started to build a bizarre story in my head that the elephants were laying under royal blue trees with orange banana’s hanging from its branches.

It worked and I now use it to get me off the subject of work whenever I am not in my paid employment

so now when ever I find my mind wandering on to an unwanted subject I try to remind myself ASAP ‘Pink elephant alert’ and start making up stories about the pink long snouted guys and then I move it from partying pachyderm’s on to pleasurable subjects that I intend to manifest in to my physical reality and imagine that they already are.


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