Only Joking



Only Joking that my work is done. I talk to much for that.

And talking of Joking. I have been reading a lot of how people are communicating with Wayne Dyer since his death and how Wayne loves to play games and tricks with people even from the energy form that Wayne is currently incarnated in to. I can relate to that.

I’m not saying it was Wayne but the Universe was certainly showing it had a sense of humour yesterday.

When I first had the ‘Law of Attraction’ lightening bolt in 2010 I still wasn’t the most positive of kittens (old thought patterns and all that) and I needed signs sometimes and reassurance that everything was going to be ok.

I can’t remember how it came about but I made a connection of seeing a bird of prey as a good sign and still, to this day still feel reassured when I spot one. (Yesterday I saw a Spitfire plane dip down from the clouds as I came home from work – not sure if that counts and I wonder if it is the same one that Prince Harry got to fly in? See I told you I talk to much 🙂 – ).

Recently I was having an unusual feeling of uncertainty and feeling a bit low and I needed a sign. I read once looking for signs shows a lack of Faith in the Universe so I am a bit adverse to asking for signs now because I am all about the Faith these days. Faith that the Universe is all giving and limitless and the only limitations are in our own minds but blow it I needed one.

Bizarre you probably think but I have also started to make an association to my initials on car registration plates as a ‘High’ from the invisible energy that is the infinite field so instinct said “OK Universe, if I see all 3 of my initials in a car number plate before I get off this Motorway/Highway I know that everything is going to be OK real soon” and sure enough just before I drove off at my junction there was the number plate.

Now I love my life and I enjoy my job, well more than enjoy but I still have aspirations and dreams of the next big thing and I am getting a little impatient, excited, anticipatory (somebody is going to see the Rocky Horror Live Stream from London soon, hence the anticipatory). Especially when I read about someone practically if not actually living my dream life so I asked for the number plate sign again. I have 100% Faith that it will happen, is happening in my Vortex but of my own admission I wanted to know how soon, is it soon? Are we there yet?, are we there yet? !!!

On the way to work this morning after asking I saw a few combinations and saw one car with two of the three and when I pointed out it was two not three a lorry pulled up next to the car making it all three. Nearly there but not quite.

When I got in my car after work a car had pulled in to the space that was left in front of me that morning and I noticed it was a foreign number plate and it had two of my initials. I don’t mind admitting I said out loud “It’s good but it is not all three” and promptly went to pull away when I noticed a sticker for the nationality of the car “P” for Poland and my missing initial.

I laughed out loud and said “OK very good Universe, you win. Very funny”.

Since watching Wayne Dyer’s film “The Shift’ again I have tried to adopt two practices 1) to ask each day ‘How may I serve” and 2) “Let go and let God”.

I constantly try to remind myself to let it go (I know asking for a sign is not entirely letting it go) because as humans if we try to “Do it” “Fix it” we are only focused on one possible solution but when we let go the Infinite Field of Intelligence is free to let what we want come to us from a myriad of possible ways. So to me, two initials on a number plate and one on a sticker very close to the number plate was still all three of my initials on one individual car and I am so excited now of how things are going to play out in the creation of the next big thing and gives me an excuse to add in my favourite photo of my favourite quote – Remember ..


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