Nothing, Something to Everything

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“I am still learning” –  by Michelangelo at aged 87

I love quotes and the one above is one of my favourites and today learnt a bit more.

I have always loved Audi R8’s. Well that is not entirely true I loved Audi A4 convertibles until I set my eyes on an R8.

Last night my partner and I were watching the 3rd in a film franchise and a character was driving an R8. And I mumbled “They always fall on their feet, why don’t I drive an R8?” my partner fair play to him, I couldn’t dispute his reply “Well with all your positive thinking if it attracts things, stuff, if it works you should be driving it by now” – touche.

My first thought was ouch followed by just because it isn’t on the drive yet doesn’t mean it ain’t gonna be in the future but later in the day Conor McGregor taught me why the R8 Spyder is probably not on my drive ‘yet’

Sometimes we can hear something several times and not get it, sometimes we do get it but we forget it and need reminding. Conor reminded me how detrimental the word “WANT” can be. So detrimental I underlined it, bolded it and exclaimed it.

Don’t want something, Have it. Have it in your mind before you have it on your drive or anywhere else.

In 2003 I was working in a factory and reading a book by Paul McKenna, ‘Change your Life in 7 days’  in my breaks. The people I was working with, if I am totally honest took the piss out of me relentlessly whilst I held that book and I moved rooms away from that environment and long before I knew about the Law of Attraction or read that we become the sum of the 5% of people you surround yourself with if you don’t consciously do something to change it I knew I didn’t want to work there any more and thought about a job I would like to do and of course once I made that decision the Universe conspired before I knew the Universe conspires to help us and because I didn’t know the Universe conspires to help you – ‘ALWAYS’ I thought small and a set of circumstances came about that created a job in the exact type of industry I wished to be in and while I was in that factory and reading that book I read if you wanted something for example a car you visualise yourself driving that car, even if you are sitting in an arm chair at the time. Go to a dealer, sit in it, get a brochure and I did all that and it might have taken a longer than it should have because I didn’t monitor my thoughts as well as I should have but I am driving that Audi A4 convertible today as she is beauuuuuuttifulllllllll !!!

As we approach 2016. I don’t want anything, have everything like Conor does and he is living proof it works.

2016 our best year yet. I am so ecstatic about the amazing lives your have created for yourselves – enjoy every juicy second of it !!!

I’ll give you a wave from my R8 Spyder as I drive by

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