Money Blogging ???

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Hmmmmmm might be a mistake but following Inspired Action !!!

Since starting my blog I have received contact from people and organisations sayings I can make money from my blog.

Is there anyone out there actually making money from their blog or can anyone recommend a way to or a reputable organisation ??

Please excuse my naivety.

I have no products, just my thoughts and observations of the miracle of the Universe at work and a book in the offing.

Have a wonderful inspirational day !!!!


3 responses to “Money Blogging ???”

  1. Hi there! I just saw your post scrolling through wordpress reader, and you definitely can make money using your blog. I do it through my blog by affiliate marketing. You promote a product or offer and the specific ones I promote earn me 100% commissions which is really unheard of anywhere else. Feel free to opt in to my newsletter on my website for some more info. The products I promote are through Empower Network, and I am in the greatest community.

    Hope this helps and hope you find successs in 2014 (:

  2. Yes you can make money from something you love to do. By giving value and inspiring others that anything is possible if they believe they can do it.

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