Lunch with Ben Whishaw

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I try to live an ‘Inspired Life’ and to be the spiritual being I truly am as often as I can in the way Wayne Dyer describes being spiritual.

Wayne says to live an inspired life any thought that excludes another person or thing is not a spiritual thought and our work is to constantly watch our thoughts and any thought that does not match that practice change it.

Watch yourself and catch yourself when you have a thought of seperation 

An area I need to work on are Blanket statements, they irritate me and therefore the people that make them.

Recently I heard a TV presenter say that all women want to go to lunch with George Clooney and all men want to be George Clooney. No disrespect George I think you are lovely and a very interesting person to spend time with but sorry I do not like being rustled up like a sheep into a blanket statement.

Then I probably end up telling the person on the TV off for making such a generalisation and reminding them that they can’t make that judgement on behalf of everyone even though they can’t hear me.

See I said I needed to work on this area.

Actually when I think about it I would rather spend a lunch date with Ben Whishaw. I don’t know what it is about Ben but whenever I see him acting something genuine exudes from him that makes me think you are a nice interesting person with a gentle quality.

The same thing happened to me many moons ago with Liam Neeson when he played a character called “Blacky” in a TV adaptation of “A Women of Substance” long before he became to the prominant position he is in today and my mum, bless her tells people I had a crush on him long before anyone else.

Crush maybe but what is it that draws us towards some people and dislike others? And what is it that makes someones George Clooney and someone else’s Ben Whishaw?

In other words what energy is matching up here?

The older I get I see the things I am attracted to and what attracts me to them has always been different to most people I have come in to direct physical contact with that’s why I always felt like the girl on the right.

Another thing age has given me the luxury of is …….. I don’t care !!

I embrace my personality traits others might find annoying because I believe these were my God given talents and gifts agreed upon before I came in to the physical and I am not going to deny what was given to me by the Infinite Intelligence.

I am blessed with some incredible friends and there must be something about the energy they and I resonate that brought us together and stay together.

Birds of a feather flock together

It’s easy to be spiritual about people we flock to. The test of spirituality is to embrace everyone. 

We maybe resonating on different  vibrational levels but our spiritual source is from the exact same origin 

My job now is to catch myself separating myself from blankets and embrace them. Sounds cosy.

Have a spiritually resonated week.

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