Jealousy is Your Friend

Jealousy is Your Friend 

The things you are jealous about are the Desires The Divine or Universe (enter any preferred choice of word) put in your heart

A pang of jealousy is a signal you don’t have those desires in your life

Your desires are not wrong. See Jealousy as your friend reminding you what you really love

I heard it stated recently that your desires were given to you by God. God wants you to have whatever you desire

For some people the “G” word can muster up some uncomfortable feelings but for me it has nothing to do with organised religion. To me it stands for Good~ Orderly~Design. What I see this Universe as. With this in mind just read that again

“Your desires were given to you by God. God wants you to have whatever you desire”

How does it make you feel now about your desires, however big, if you can imagine an ever loving Higher Power wanting to give you everything and anything you desire

Now does it feel so crappy and wrong to want the things the other people have?

If “they” have them why not you?

Make a list of anything you are jealous about and then Visualise yourself having those things

Be it a smoking new sexy designer skirt, the latest Macbook or a Bad Ass Big MoFoFing boat

When people around me blurt out subconscious half glass empty statements to protect my energy I say “careful, we bring about what we think about”

Recently I analysed that statement more when I thought about some things that had happened in my life and while that statement seems frivolously quick to say whatever we focus on we give power too and attract it back into our lives

The thought that I am giving power to whatever I am thinking about and giving it the potential to turn up in my life makes my thoughts far more important and not frivolous at all

It makes me want to monitor them and utilise them

So instead of giving power to the lack of a big ass boat (fill in your desire) and feeling jealous about everyone who has one and being in the energetic state of attracting “No” BIG ASS BOAT

Yes we can create a lack of something just as easily as having something

So imagine being on that Big Ass boat and drink in all those details

Being greeted with a Big smile at the deck by “Your” personal Big Ass Boat crew and Captain with a glass of Pink Champagne

Taking off your very expensive shoes probably with red bottoms and feeling the deck under your feet

Walking to your Luxury Master Suite and finding all your luggage already put away for you and a beautiful bathing suite, flopping hat and gorgeous kemono laid on the bed ready for you to change into so you can relax on a lounger at the front of the Big Ass Boat as you set sail to somewhere exotic with, of course more Champagne

Now you have switched on the Big Ass Boat Attractor Power or Anything You Want Attractor Power

Now go be Fabulous xoxo

Alison K Parsons serving others (and myself) to turn one negative belief at a time into a new more positive empowering way to look at the world 

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