It’s finally time and I Am so Excited !! πŸ˜†

It’s finally time and I am so excited πŸ˜†

What are you Passionate about?

I’m passionate about helping others using or finding their Passions to unlock a future of Freedom by using my skills and expertise to hone in on what makes individuals tick and then taking the pressures off of setting that up into an Online Business

Today I am Launching My “Passion Based Business Building Funnel Bundle”

This is my first High Ticket “Done For You” Offer but today I am offering it at a ridiculously low ticket cost

I have several levels starting at 999 and upwards Inspired by When I saw The Angel Number 999

I don’t want to go into all the in’s and out and details of all the levels here but here are some of the elements

🀩 A Dig into Your True Passion 121 Zoom then using my 5 Step Framework to plan out your own unique offer

🀩 I create your Lead Magnet based on the results of the above

🀩 I create your Paid Offer

🀩 Set up payment gateway

🀩 Write Sales Copy for email campaign and Create the automated Campaign for you

🀩 I Create and Build your own Unique Sales Funnel and the copy (words) for it

🀩 And then Share the Funnel to You all pre-built

And so much, much more !!

Wait before you think Yeah, yeah I have read about these services before !!

There are nearly 8 Billion people on the Planet as I type and none of us are cookies so cookie cutter business plans won’t work for Creative Entrepreneurs because they don’t go deep into our own unique gifts and talents and only we can share our unique individual message in our own Perfect way in our own perfect time, not via planned out soulless content calendars etc

“Everyone has the seed of greatness sown in them, the problem for most people is no one watered it” ~ Myron Golden

I believe in “Intuitive Marketing” and I am here to water β€œYour” own special Individual unique seed of greatness πŸ‘‘

I am a Proponent of The Law of Attraction and Ho’Oponopono and I am here to say now is the time to do Business Differently and now like no other time in History has it ever been easier to share our own Unique Skills and Talents with the world

Don’t Wait. Don’t Hesitate. Don’t do the World a Disservice of not sharing Your Seed of Greatness 

If this sounds like something you are interested in drop an email @ or if you want to see some of my work in action click on while there don’t forget to click on the Freedom Making Morning Routine to join my email list and get a free gift at the same time

And ……

For 5 lucky people I am giving the Highest Level content plan at 999 instead of the 5555 but you’ll have to be fast πŸ’¨ this is a one time offer to only 5 people !!!!!

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