Irv’s Day

Yesterday was What I am calling Irvs day

When it all looks like it is falling apart maybe it is all falling together

When it looks like it’s not working maybe it is setting you up for something even more miraculous

Last year after purchasing his dream Split screen Camper my partner came across another investment opportunity. A 1954 Oval Beetle

The Hunt for “Ron Blue” the name of our Splitty was at the end of an 18 month journey where he nearly gave up but something inside me inspired me to say  “I believed his perfect bus was out there”

I couldn’t explain it but I felt it in my “Being” and with 💯 Faith

Four days later after making that statement we met Ron

The journey to get the Beetle restored has been even more testing and I won’t get into details but let’s just say it’s been more than a little frustrating and she’s been very close to being sold separately as parts

Several times it only seemed there were unprofessional, unreliable and in one case unscrupulous people in the restoration industry

In our new experience of being part of the VW community we have come across a Company with excellent results and a massive reputation who are admired and hero worshiped it seems

Most people know of them and their reputation is up in the upper echelons so despite being advised to contact them my partner thought they were out of his league and price bracket and neglected to do it

Then one day out of pure frustration and inspired action and without my awareness he did

And the result

They contacted him

They were very professional… as expected

Very personable and….


They weren’t out of his price bracket at all. It was just there reputation for excellence that had created this impression and today “Veronica” as I am calling her as in Veronica Corningstone as Ron Blue is named after Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy

Set off to the Irv’s workshop to get a beautiful Hiny along with beautiful everything else renovated and restored to a level even her original chassi will not have been

I’m currently reading “3 Feet from Gold”. Probably one of the best books I’ve ever read and today I read a line saying “You never feel the blows. You only feel the Victory”

If we hadn’t had all those roadblocks we wouldn’t be in this position now. Getting Veronica star treatment

I honestly feel all those obstacles were leading us to get the best of the best to give our bug the star treatment she deserves and now all those testing times have no Emotional charge at all as the outcome is so sweet.

1954 Oval’s are rare I have learned and this one will be exclusive once she is complete.

Struggle and frustrations are not exclusive to some and not to others

The difference is some keep going and others give up

When you feel like giving up remember ….

It’s all working out for You, not against You.

For none us know from our earthly perspective what Infinite Intelligence wants to give us but in my experience it is always something more miraculous than I could ever perceive

In difficult times hold the Faith in the yet unseen and your Faith will be rewarded 🙏🏻

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