Happy Song List 23/02/2016

Today’s tunes have a laid back all is fine vibe. Enjoy.

No. 1 = The Supremes – Automatically Sunshine

This song is automatic sunshine

No. 2 = Jem – Just a Ride

Last week I had some bad news and I challenged my thinking but then that news lead me to investigate an opportunity I was ignoring and now I couldn’t be happier. I read over the weekend ‘Never judge any situation and be thankful for everything’ One because judging is a bad vibration and blocks good coming to you and two we never know what the real reason for this so called disaster maybe. I can certainly vouch for that and as the song says sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down

No. 3 = Booker T & The M.G’s

I was an incredibly shy child but I loved to dance and I suppose looking back my Mum was trying to help me overcome a little of that shyness and entered me in to a Holiday Camp Dance Competition as a teenager and ironically this is the song they played and I won the competition. Ironically? It is ironic as it was a Disco Dancing competition. I had never heard the song before but I do feel the rhythm when I hear music so I just let it flow.

Which is I guess what we should do with all aspects of life, go with the flow. As Jem tells us – ‘it’s just a ride’ any way.

Enjoy life’s Highway today 🙂

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