Happy Song List 12/02/2016

This may seem an odd ‘Happy Song List’ but as I have mentioned it previously it is random. I just let it play it self out. The most often my partner and I listen to music together is in the car and he listens to the radio all day in his job and quite often when we hear the most recent releases on the car stereo we like the same songs. If I had a pound for every time I say “Yeah I love this too, I love the lyric …….” and he replies that he hasn’t heard that. He’s a melody person and I am definitely a words in the melody person. I believe songs have messages and we can tend to hear them at the most opportune moment.

One that may come up soon (if knowing the Universe as I do, probably tomorrow) was always on or came on the car radio when I was having a particular hard time and only just learning about the Law of Attraction and that we attract our own reality. It always pulled me through and that is the general feel of these songs that came out today. Two of them have been in my life for more years than I care to remember and again long before LOA -(particularly No. 2).

No 1. = OneRepublic – Counting Stars

Obviously ‘Counting Stars’ is the most recent and it always came on in the car on the way to work and the lyric about feeling so right doing the wrong thing resonated to me as all my life I have felt I never fitted in with societies norm. I couldn’t help it, I didn’t choose it but world view 1.0 (read Pam Grout) didn’t float my boat but world view 2.0 is making me feel really at home. The more I see on the internet the evidence what you and I already know coming into the public domain I am like a new born puppy and have to be careful I don’t have an accident like an excited puppy and on that note and changing the subject ‘In my face there are flashing signs “Seek it out and ye shall find” reminds me that the Universe is helping us 24/7.

No 2. = Armand Van Heldon – U don’t know me


Bit of an aggressive happy song this but relates to not feeling like fitting in I suppose. I guess we can all relate to other people at times being jealous or judgemental or feeling we should do this, not that or do it their way as they believe their way is right but your gut is screaming ‘Nooooooo’ and you don’t know why you can’t see it from their perspective but when you go your way they can become unkind. This used be confuse me and make my head hurt so I used to play this song and dance my little tooshie off and I always felt better afterwards. I must admit since hearing about The Law of Attraction my head doesn’t hurt now as I don’t attract those situations so this song is pretty much redundant but still good to dance to.

No 3. = McFadden & Whitehead – Ain’t No Stopping us Now

The Universe is so darn clever because Armand Van Heldon and McFadden & Whitehead always went hand it hand so pick it as one todays three is genius. When people or life could seem unkind this always got my groove on. Don’t you let nothing, nothing stand in your way cos there ain’t no stopping us now. It’s taken a long time (more or less a 100 years of understanding quantum mechanics) but finally we’re on the move.

Don’t try to stop us cos we aren’t buying those negative vibes. We’re leaving them far behind.

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