Dah Hello !!!



I hope the title doesn’t come across as to abrupt but the ‘Dah Hello’ is for me.

So many miracles happen to me now I am getting a little blazé about it.

The other day I did my usual commute habit of stubbing a finger at something on the watch list on my YouTube app, plugging in my headphones and off I go.

I have been everything Abraham-Hicks at the moment but it was a Louise Hay one this time.

OMG !!!

It was just the breath of fresh air I needed even though I wasn’t feeling stressed or anything but it just cranked up my vibration a notch.

I sent the link to a colleague who is having a hard time at the moment and thought it might help them improve their perspective a little.

If you want to check out what I felt so great about I’ve added the link below for you to see for yourself.


I then went up stairs to get ready to go for a walk and I was sat on the bed putting on my trainers when something moved my head sideways and I found myself looking at my vision board at the side of my bed.

At first I just stared at it blankly not really realising what I was focusing on at then I was all like “Omg , Dah hello”.

I was staring at a picture of a MacBook Pro something that the Universe delivered to me several weeks ago and I had completely forgotten I had placed it in my vision board and above that was a picture of two white Ducks.

No I don’t want two pet white Ducks but two white ducks had a very significant part in a stage of my career reassuring me that everything would be ok when I was in my infancy of understanding the Law of Attraction and as it happens I am at that place again so I saw this as no accident that something was making me aware that they were there on my vision board and reassuring me once again that everything would be ok and work out as it always inevitably does.

When I manifested the MacBook I felt inspired to email my story to Mollie Player and Mollie published the story a couple of weeks ago. See full story below


Sometimes I think I am making no progress when external subjects do not appear to have changed but I know something has changed when I am calm and happy almost all of the time whist others are talking and acting negatively and my vibration is not effected.

In some ways it is good I manifest miracles so often that I have become blazé about them but I don’t want to become so blasé I forget to be grateful for all the amazing things that have happened or I have acquired.

Another thing is my vision board looks a bit bare because I remove a picture once it has manifested so I need to fill all those blank spaces !!! How exciting Is that ? –  but this time I am going to fill it with images of clean drinking water in Africa and the eradication of Ebola etc.

I hope you are experiencing many miracles in your life too !!

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