Be More Like Elsa … and let it go

Ali here, AKA the Law of Attraction Lover

and I am just going straight to the point because I believe certain people need to hear this

Ok I lied, I’m not sure if you are aware I now have a podcast that is called The Fab Over Forty show so if you prefer listening the same content is over all the usual podcast platforms and starting with the content here also on YouTube

I have mentioned in previously in various types of content I have created that I have a hard time of breaking out of level 2 and keep reverting back to Level 2 on the 4 levels of Consciousness despite wanting to be more Level 3 and 4

Level 2 is Deliberate creation. By us, usually hard work mode. We can manifest from this level but it is limited or a darn struggle getting there. Forgetting or shutting out the non physical help that is always available

I see this now thanks to the practice of Ho’Oponopono (an ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving) as the intellect trying to rationalising things and talking me out of things and making me feel guilty

That Monkey Mind voice nagging us to do this, not do that, do more, you idiot. You say you want that but you failed to take that action so now you will fail. Blah, blah, blah

I had my light bulb on a plane back from Barcelona then I made my decision I’m about to tell you about while cooking Tea the following evening based on something that happened whilst on that plane that niggled away at me

It just popped in my head

Level 3 or maybe 4 in action which is when we are more in flow state with the Universe or become one with the Universe

A far more pleasurable way to manifest

As I made the decision simultaneously I was listening to Dr Joe Dispenza on YouTube on my TV whilst cooking and Dr Joe said

“we get to a point where we make a decision and that decision is so strong we will always remember where we were and what we were doing”

Wow !!

“Yeah I am in my kitchen cooking Tea” as we call it in the part of the UK I am from but more likely Dinner or evening meal elsewhere

I could have been shocked but these kinds of synchronicities are common place now

I just see them as validation and communication from the Universe

I need to give you a bit of back story before I explain what that decision is and I am writing this because I truly believe it may help at least one other person but looking at today’s society and my own life as an example

Probably more

I had decided I wanted to achieve a certain task before I went to Barcelona however I picked up a voicemail from my Dad whilst taking a break the day before travelling

I know this sounds terrible but my Dad is 90 and I am his next of kin and apart from son I don’t get much support from other family members despite juggling far more than most of them and my heart sank at the sight of the call

Then I felt terrible that my heart sank but

I had it all planned out that I had some me time to carry out this task I wanted to achieve before travelling and I knew this was just an unnecessary act by my Dad to get my attention because I was travelling

My Dad is very Level 1 and I can’t see him changing now

He’s been like it all his life and had a mother that used the same techniques and I see them in another family member and other people and don’t get me wrong, I was there for a long time to and still catch myself going there at times

He subconsciously becomes very poor me when he is feeling insecure and becomes very attention seeking and uses certain methods to get sympathy as his default mechanism

Usually some kind of ailment

Sound familiar?

Do you know anyone who uses illness to manipulate people into getting their own way?

Or some kind of personal disaster to get attention ?

This is level 1 ~ Victim state

And like I said I had been there ….. alot !!

And I now know these default ways of acting are completely subconscious so don’t blame the person or yourself for being this way

Sure enough he claimed he needed one solitary item of shopping that I new farewell he didn’t really need but the loyal daughter I am went well out of my way to get it and I decided before entering his property I would tell him I can’t stay which I don’t normally do but I had already spent more time than usual with him in recent days and I felt on this occasion it was ok and warranted to say this

Which I did however he completely ignored it and started regaling me all these stories of things that could have waited and added an alignment just as I was leaving but when I suggested we make a doctors appointment he declined and usually he has no hesitation in contacting the doctor so I knew it couldn’t be something serious

And he is in amazing shape despite his age and that he made a miraculous recovery from a stroke 2 years ago that I have no doubt was brought on stress he was creating for hisself

I left there a while later I admit annoyed and frustrated because I knew with the time I had remaining my window was very limited to achieve this task if at all

Then my partner came home earlier than expected cutting off all opportunities because I like my own space when doing these kind of tasks and asked if I could go and sort some euros while he attended to business tasks and calls before packing

I decided I would attend to this delayed task immediately on my return from Barcelona as it was totally pointless now

but first get I would get my Dad’s weekly shop out of the way to give me a clear run at it however when I called him for his list he was getting all out of shape about his medication not arriving and I was trying to tell him I had been informed while away there was a national shortage on that item and I had been advised we (I) would have to arrange an alternative but I couldn’t get through his ranting to explain

I was no not in a good head space after that and knew the visit would be stressful when I dropped the groceries off later

My Dad has always allowed and relied on other people to deal with everything for him Ie his mother then my mother and now me

He is capable but always comes up with excuses not to take responsibility and manipulate people, me into doing stuff for him and as a result I have noticed he has very little coping skills and cannot seem to accept that life doesn’t always go smoothly and anything out of the norm he completely melts down and uses anger as a coping mechanism to try to get people to comply with his world view to restore the status quo for him as he sees it and all my efforts to try and make him see that life is never 100% perfect and that’s the way life is falls on deaf ears so quiet often when I arrive he says he’s having a disaster

he also watches all the doom and gloom on the news and despite me telling him multiple times I do not watch the news for this very reason he still continues to discuss and relay it all on to me

After a very long visit of waiting on hold and trying to sort this replacement medication and telling me of another situation that he had got himself all anxious over and passing the reins to me to sort I was emotionally fatigued when I got home but still aimed to complete my task only to find the thing I wanted to apply for had expired

These days it takes a lot to rock my mood to this extent but on this occasion I was seriously annoyed and frustrated to say the least

I had allowed myself to be taken away from what I needed to do

I emphasise the word “I”

and now my desires were suffering as a result and I was angry and then feeling guilty for feeling angry towards him and my other family members for always being the one whose life is effected

I felt that they live their lives and put themselves first and him last while I put him first and me last and I tried to tell myself everything was happening for a reason and maybe I wasn’t supposed to apply for that thing after all and this is the Universes way to stop me but it wasn’t really working

I was still seriously pissed off

and then maybe because I was focusing on another task

Cooking Tea I went back to zero and allowed the space for Inspired Action

In ho’oponopono Zero is the place we connect to our true self unencumbered by outside forces and old negative programming

I realised I was frustrated because in the back of my mind I felt I should be recording some podcasts and write some blog posts and marketing my products and all these curveballs were delaying the process and then ….

I realised

My intellect was creating all these coulda, woulda, should haves

and who sets the rules anyway ?

I am just going to accept what is  …  is what it is and if I do, I do and if I don’t ,  no biggy …

Go with the flow

let go and trust

Accept everything is perfect just as it is and everything is happening for a reason

I heard the other day ‘true gratitude is being grateful for things like being cut up in traffic because we don’t truly know what is happening for us and being cut up in traffic could have helped us avoid being in an accident etc

I think what was part of this was that on the plane home from Barcelona my friend mentioned a podcast she was listening to

She had literally been present for the Live stage recording on that actual episode a couple days before we flew out

I was feeling a little board but not feeling like watching my ipad or listening to a book and I thought I wonder if I have any podcasts downloaded to listen to?

I saw one that caught my eye about network marketing

Having a mission to make Network Marketing sexy and non spammy and prove what an amazing serious business opportunity it is if treated like a business and that it should not be the be all and end all of your business but be a facet of the large brand of “You” and compliment your Purpose

I thought I would give it a go but I was confused

I listened to an episode and this person was in full on topic mode and obviously had a bit of previous experience with her podcast and felt comfortable with it and talked about up and coming episodes and sounded committed to longevity when something happened

The episode ended and then there was a massive jump date wise to the next episode

What had I done

Had I made a mistake

I searched for episodes in between but there were none

Then I started to listen to the next episode and it was all about why there was a massive gap

They had obviously intended to continue to record future episodes but then something happened and they made the decision to stop

They looked at their life at the time of their last episode and they had a lot on and something had to give and they chose the podcast

No guilt, just the explanation of why they just stopped recording

They just thought it was for the best at that time and now they were ready to come back

This struck me for some reason. Probably because now I was in the position of wanting to record and then curveballs keep flying at me and the podcast flies out the window I and I was feeling like a failure

I’d promised myself and listeners I wouldn’t quit

Inspired by this persons decision  to drop off for just over a year made me decide

I will not care anymore

If it gets recorded and then I don’t record for another 3 months 6 etc

No big deal

My content is going to be evergreen anyway, meaning unlike some social media content once I have created it, it is out there forever and that’s always been my intention for my main area of focus

Evergreen content. Things like Podcasts, YouTube videos and blog posts

I will let go and trust that whatever is right for the moment will get done and what doesn’t get done was not meant to be or will get done at the perfect time

I have to tell you after making this decision and giving myself the permission to let myself off as it were was liberating

The intellect, the Monkey Mind. Level 2 thinking was making me feel bad for missing weeks and sometimes months despite having the full intention to create but the Level 3, in state. Zero level everything just is. It is always perfect just as it is whatever “Is” looks like

So why I am telling you dear listener

Because I feel in today’s society life is full of shoulda, woulda, couldas

We should do this

do that

be this be that

but that is our intellect talking

In reality nobody is keeping track if we do this or do that

Nobody is keeping track of how many blog posts or podcasts I am recording or social media posts I am putting out and the length of duration in-between each piece of content

Nobody but me …

and I can only imagine nobody is really tracking what you are telling yourself you should be doing or not doing apart from you and we are all putting ourselves under unnecessary pressure

In Ho’Oponopono speak, in reality everything is perfect, we are perfect everything else is just data taking us away from Zero

I recently heard a Abraham Hicks YouTube video about Core beliefs and I wrote them down to review often and recorded a video for the Law of Attraction Lovers club that states what all those Core beliefs are but I’ll share on of them with you now

Abraham said In truth

“We are all perfect beyond description and anything away from this is a flawed premise”

I have had a little conflict with myself and  The Law of Attraction and Ho’Oponopono recently  in certain areas  however I feel more and more there is a definite significance between Law of Attraction and Ho’Oponopono and trusting what Zero is and the Core beliefs as stated by Abraham there is complete correlation

If you want to know what those core beliefs are and what I believe Zero is I have recently added these topics to the Law of Attraction Lovers Club and you can check it all out plus more nuggets by visiting

I hope by recording this episode you to may be kinder to yourself and stop setting yourself up for failure with to many shouda, woulda couldas and accept everything is perfect and everything is for our Highest good and what should be done will get done in the perfect time in the perfect way

I’m going to leave it there but don’t forget to check out that link I mentioned for the Law of Attraction Lovers club and if you haven’t already grab my free gift to you to help you start waking up Happy with my 5 Step Framework Morning Routine at

And for now Fabulous reader, know that I love you and want you to be happy doing what you love and loving what you do and until next time have a Fabulous day week month year

Ali xoxo

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