Are there 7 billion different Universes plus?

Are the Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the Stars) judges proof of ultimate Universes?

The other day I considered, could my actual energy affect the physical world by my experiences I Am currently having or Am I actually just viewing my own personal individual physical world because of my current situations?

Sometimes because of my attitude to trust in the Universe, that things will always work out/get done (always has in the past) I Am guilty of from time to time letting things run away with me and not noticing I need to say “Stop …… Hammer time !!” But last Monday I threw my hands up (metaphorically) and said “that’s it, enough is enough!!” I emailed my boss requesting a chat as I felt like a subdividing embryo, first split in two, then four now six.

He agreed to a meeting on the Wednesday and on Wednesday driving to work the weather was miserable. Katy Perry song ‘Roar’ came on the car stereo which was uplifting and very apt because I was defiantly not going to bite my tongue and hold my breath. With my new determination to abolish ‘Fear’ ‘Doubt’ and ‘Anxiety’ and have total trust in the Infinite Field I would be brutally honest and what would be would be but subsequently everything would be OK.

 The meeting actually went amazingly well, my Line Manger was unexpectedly intuitive, hugely supportive and extremely proactive and I felt liberated and physically lighter for sharing the load.

As I left work the dreadful weather had transformed into an incredible evening with an unusual luminosity. Colours stood out from all sorts of nature that looked like it was physically shimmering and vibrating. That’s when it hit me. Could my mood have had a physical effect on my surrounding weather system or another thought could it just be me seeing dreadful weather prior to the meeting then a stunning weather after, echoing my physical feelings?

Could there in fact be actually over 7 billion different Universes being experienced all at the same time even if several people were in very close proximity? Could they, we all being seeing, feeling, experiencing something completely different? Even weather wise?

Lazy Saturday night in, take away and Prime-time TV. Not expecting anything taxing, just chillin enjoying light hearted entertainment and then ‘Bam!’ I may have evidence that Yes there are over 7 million different universe on earth alone. We had just watched what we felt was an enjoyable dance and one of the judges slates it. Then one of the other judges says “I don’t know what dance you were watching but I thought it was great, it had this, it had that …” Then I witnessed dance after dance whereby the judges (including us at home) appeared to be seeing different things (universes) and all at the same time.

 Via reading Greg Kuhn I have read several times an ancient philosophical question “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound?”  and Greg states (and I hope he doesn’t mind me referring to him?) The answer to this question is, that if there is no one there, there is no forest at all and honestly I do struggle to get my head around this but now my personal physical experiences have brought me closer to understanding this analogy.



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