And Breathe …

And breathe …

There have been some very long days this week as I attempt to finish the majority of the Christmas orders and honestly frustration as many took longer than expected

But there have also been positives as decisions have been made that sooth my soul

With the full backing of my partner as he see’s so much time I invest for little recompense I am letting LoveDucks go in 2023

Fulfilling a life long dream to be an entrepreneur was amazing but the reality of a time bound business has been an eye opener

But it’s all good …

Having a brick n mortar business open 6 days a week and cutting your income stream off as you close the door with little down time because you added the element of social media or knowing you have to return to fulfil orders when you do get time away let me to decide how I would like a future business to be

Online, digital and location free. A business than can be run from anywhere or regardless of what else I decide to do using evergreen types of methods and platforms

The landscape of physical businesses has changed with Covid but …

To be honest I had the idea and I have been building this assets for a while but have never been able to invest the time I have wanted to give them due to what I mentioned above

But much like my Favourite building featured. A strong foundation has been built and I am positive everything happens for us in the perfect time if we just get out of the way and surrender to the highest possible outcome

Abraham Hicks says “We need the contrast, to know what we don’t want to see what we do want”

Inspired by the book “The Cashflow Quadrant” by Robert Kiyosaki when concerned about dwindling finances from the Brick n Mortar and non from the as yet non established new business mentioned above I sought employment to take care of the day to day expenses and take the pressure off building my new dream in the “B” and “I” quadrants

I’m loving the idea of the Freedom I shall have to build my Empire my way from the vacuum created by no longer having to worry about time bounded orders

I am grateful for the opportunity my first venture gave me and all the learning curves endured and one of the things I learned a long the way was how many people have a dream and a passion and never started because they thought business was an all or nothing game and they had responsibilities and loved ones to financially support so they stop before they start

I learned from one of my very first mentors Marie Forleo who worked 3 part time jobs while building her business you can do both and should in the beginning

And that’s where I am now (virtually) at the beginning of a new exciting era utilising this incredible digital age available to All

I have seen 2022 be a major Transformational year for so many people and many starting a new and moving away from already established careers because they felt no longer aligned to them

What are you no longer aligned to…

What do you truly want to start to build a foundation for while still working for someone building theirs ?

The Secret is to just get started by taking one Inspired Action step after another and you could get that first nudge today, this minute even from reading this post

You don’t need to wait until 2023 to make 2023 amazing

If you have buried your dreams so deep you can’t even remember what they are any more

Even worse, never allowed yourself the time to know what you are truly Passionate about is

I’m here for you and I have tools that can help

First being my Fabulous Freedom Passion Finder a simple tool that can help you see what you are most passionate about and show you how you can start to monetise it online

Have a Fabulous Day, Week, Month, Life

Ali xoxo

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